K8 kiosk

Introduced in 1968 the K8 was a radical change to suit the mood of the Sixties .It’s futuristic design now tells more of the Sixties and Seventies than the future itself. It’s “form from function” modular pattern was simple to build but smartly stylish.

Designed by Bruce Martin and it had practical adjustments from the K6 with one large pane of glass each side and a lighter aluminum door. The cast iron body has a flattened dome and edging to carry rainwater.

This was the last of the red kiosks to be produced and very few are in service. There are now moves to have them preserved as a part of our late 20th century heritage.

Your kiosk will be fully restored from bare metal upwards using original parts or those taken from original patterns.

It features:

  • brass hinges and shackles
  • leather door straps with steel pins
  • safety glass
  • plain one piece black gloss wallboard
  • floor insert
  • electric light fitting
  • hand painted in BS539 Red Enamel
  • POA interiors can be fitted to this model
  • Dimensions. 3ft. x 3ft. x 8ft 4in. Weight 600kgs
K8 Kiosk £2390


VAT to be added where applicable.

Nation-wide delivery. Installation using our own Hydraulic Kiosk Trailers and experienced team available.

World-wide shipping. Full export case packing carried out in-house