Post Boxes

A familiar flash of red in a British country lane. Contrasting against the green of Ivy in summer and the white of snow in winter.

Set into a rustic wall, fixed to a stout weathered post or waiting on a familiar corner, do you remember standing on tip toe to drop the letter into the dark? Be careful of pushing your hand in too deep, there are big teeth inside! Was it simple wishes to friends and family or a life changing message?

There are three types of Post Boxes: Lamp, Wall and Pillar.

  • Lamp Boxes are small boxes, fixed to posts or telegraph poles, usually in rural areas
  • Pillar Boxes are the cylinders, sunk into the ground with a round cap
  • Wall Boxes are built into a wall so just the front shows

There are many variations of post box, one difference is the front cipher that identifies the reigning monarch. e.g. EIIR is Queen Elizabeth the Second.

EIIR Lamp Box

This piece is cast by the Official Supplier to the Royal Mail. They have used the original moulds from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. They have the wording of Post Office rather than Royal Mail and are fitted with the earlier slim collection plate holder.

The most versatile option. The steel body allows it to be mounted in a number of ways and sides. It can be finished in the colour of your choice with the option of gold gilding to the crown and cipher. It comes complete with lock, enamel collection plate and tablet. We can supply personalized enamel collection plates if you so wish.

Dimensions: 24 inches high x 10 inches wide x 14 inches deep. 8 inch aperture.


The black steel mounting stand is available for £95

George the Fifth Pillar box Replica

Taken directly from a George the Fifth A type pillar box (1910-35) this makes an eye catching feature for your garden. It has all the rugged texture and character of the cast iron original.

It is finished in durable Post Office 538 Cherry red enamel. It is easy to move and install and comes with ground fixings.

Dimensions: 63 inches high x 29 inches diameter across the dome. 8 inch aperture.


Wall boxes

Wall Boxes are large cast iron pieces built into a wall so just the front shows. Most have a front opening door, though models fitted in Post Offices have a second door for back emptying. They come in range of styles and sizes. Your choice will be fully restored and finished with lock and key. We can supply original collection plates and tablets on many models or else precise replicas. Your piece can be finished in Post Office Red 538 or your choice of enamel colour.

Wall  Boxes
Elizabeth the Second £875
George the Sixth £950
George the Fifth £950
Edward the Seventh £1100
Victoria £1300

Ordering and delivery

VAT @ 20% must be added where applicable.

Export packing and world-wide shipping carried out in-house.