Is there a more British landmark than the red telephone box?

Like giant red soldiers they have stood sentry for a lifetime and Unicorn is preserving the past for the future with the highest quality restoration of this icon. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George the Fifth in 1935, the K6 kiosk was the first to be installed across the country and is what the World knows as the red telephone box.

So follow the sign, pull the chrome handle and step back into your past. Did the door seem heavy when you were young? Did you stand on tip toe to put the money in the slot.? Remember the sound of the bells and gongs as your Pennies, Sixpences and Shillings dropped? Speak to the Operator then press Button A to talk. No answer, then press Button B to see you coins return and hear the mechanism whirl as it resets.

The Bakelite telephone is polished black and matches the ebonised shelves, parcels on the left and directory on the right. In contrast, the stainless steel notice frames gleam and the GPO adverts are so colourful. A cigarette holder for Sir and a mirror for Madam. The telephone signs allow the light coming through to be a beacon in the dark. So was it a momentous call or just shelter on a rainy night?

We supply 3 models of kiosks, the K2, the K6 and the K8