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Original Bakelite Telephones

Pristine condition with a pitch perfect ring.

Unicorn Restorations can offer original Bakelite telephones of superb quality. Stylish and elegant they are from the age of considered conversation, a stand-out feature for your home or as a wonderful gift.

We have a limited amount of these pieces that have never been assembled before. The casings were taken from the GPO by the Government during WW2 but never used.

This means they are in peak condition.

Bakelite Telephone


King Pyramid No.232

• Restored to work on the current land line system

• Casings and handsets have been polished to a deep gloss

• Fitted with alpha-numerical dials and original braided handset cords. The dial centre can be personalized to match your current number but with the old exchange or with a memorable number from the past. (We use Whitehall 1212 for Scotland Yard)

• Equipped with a pull out cheese drawer. This contains local exchange numbers and can be used to list your own personal contacts

• Original bellset contains a pair of brass chimes that give a powerful, classic ring

• Your telephone will come carefully packed in a handmade protective wooden case along with a polishing kit to keep it in pristine condition.


Price £460

VAT to be added where applicable.

Nation-wide delivery. Installation using our own experienced team available.

World-wide shipping. Full export case packing carried out in-house

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