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Delivery & Shipping

We have exported to every corner of the world

We have over fifty years of experience of packing and delivery, not only just in the UK but export casing and shipping across the world. We will always protect your kiosk for transport and advise on the best way to install your item safely. For peace of mind we provide insurance cover door to door.

Our export history includes kiosks to:

  • Beijing, Athens, Sydney and Atlanta for the Olympic Games

  • Verdun in France at the request of the Mayor as a symbol of the town’s British links

  • To Italy for the wedding of a Scottish bride and Italian groom

  • To New York for a taste of London’s Theatreland on Broadway

  • To the Swiss Alps, up a narrow winding road to a mountain retreat

  • Universal Studios for the Harry Potter exhibit.

  • To Ontario for a Communications Company

If you would like a shipping quote just give us a delivery address with an area code and we will find your best option.


If you have any other questions please contact Tony Inglis on 020 8651 2436 or


Specialist equipment and installation

We have a long history of installing kiosks in a wide range of locations.

If you are unsure about your installation please contact us and we will find the best way for you.


Talk to Tony Inglis on (44) 020 8651 2436 or email


We have three ways of delivering:

  1. Bespoke Hydraulic Kiosk Trailer for K6 and K8 kiosks. If we can back up to the site

  2. Lorry Mounted Crane (HIAB). If there are any obstacles to lift over and all K2 kiosks

  3. Flatbed Trailer. If you have your own equipment to off load and upright.

We can also prepare your kiosk for collection from our workshops.

You will need a side loading vehicle or trailer that can carry at least 1000kgs

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