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British Red Telephone Kiosk

Beautifully restored original kiosks

Unicorn Restorations are acknowledged experts when it comes to the restoration of red telephone boxes and cast iron street furniture.


The classic red telephone kiosk.

Cast for over thirty tears from 1935.

It was sited across Britain.


The original red telephone kiosk.

Created in 1926 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott for a GPO completion and chosen by the Royal Fine Arts Commission as the outstanding design.

It was only sited in London.


The last red telephone kiosk.

Introduced in 1968, the K8 was a futuristic change in the Sixties spirit.

It is now a retro design icon.

Why Unicorn Restorations?

We supplied the landmarks that you see across the UK and the heart of London such as in Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, The Tower of London and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 


We have carried out many prestigious kiosk restorations for British Telecom, The Corporation of London and English Heritage. We were the choice for BT Heritage, The National Postal Museum and The National Kiosk Collection.

We also supply and help local Councils and private collectors throughout the world. We provide an unmatched installation and delivery service with our own specialist team.

We have supplied period pieces for film and television such as Harry Potter, Paddington and the John Lewis Christmas adverts.  You can even see our work on the Design Classics stamp from the Royal Mail.


Only Unicorn can offer you this level of experience.

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