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Glazing your kiosk

Here is advice on glazing your kiosk.

In preparation the kiosk needs to be painted to a finish and dry. Make sure all residue of putty or old silicone has been removed particularly from the corners. The holes for the brass glazing pins must be clear. Once you start glazing you do not want to tinker while the silicone is wet. Set yourself up to work methodically and clean. I use the paper between the glass sheets to wipe the nozzle and drop into a bin as you go. Avoid getting silicone on your fingers as it will appear on the glass. Resist smearing or wiping any mistakes instead leave for a day and tidy with Stanley blade once dry.

Lay a bead of silicone around the vertical face of the glazing bar then place the glass up to it. Give it a shimmy to bed it, and then run a second bead that overlaps the edge of the glass and the glazing panel. This makes it watertight. One of the small glasses will be a PUSH/PULL sign which is placed adjacent to the door handle. Remember to get this the right way round. We glaze one side then frame while the beading is soft. The frames are fixed with brass pins that are sunk through the frame and glazing bar into the frame below. They give the tidiest appearance. If a pin falls through just bed with a spot of acrylic. Afterwards, you can fill the gaps between the glazing frames with acrylic and finish with a wet soapy finger. Once dry you can trim and clean with rough paper towel and cut in red with a sash brush.

Good glazing makes a big difference to your kiosk

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