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Tell me more about my kiosk.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

I am often asked how to date and locate a kiosk. Kiosks do not have individual serial numbers, however there are various clues.

1. The crown will tell you if it dates to:

Kings Crown (Tudor) =  1935 - 1952

Queen’s Crown (St Edward’s) = 1953 - 1955

Slotted Queen’s Crown = 1955 - End of production.

2. If it has a King’s crown, the conduit holes (where the electricity and telephone lines enter the kiosk, found at the bottom of the back panel) can be in one of two configurations:

1935-1941 = conduit holes are symmetrically spaced

1942 End of production = left conduit hole (when looking from inside the kiosk) is situated further to the right.

3. Particularly on earlier kiosks there may be casting marks in the middle of the inside back panel. This is normally covered by the telephone payphone.

For example GPO/C.C 37/1

GPO = General Post office

C.C = Carron foundry. This will be confirmed by the foundry mark on the outside bottom of the back panel.

37/1 = 1937.

There may also be various marks on the interior of the kiosk, mostly part numbers.

4.It is very hard to identify where they once stood unless they still have a backboard with notices which could list its location and telephone number. Sometimes all that might be left inside are advertising cards which might help narrow it down to a certain city. Occasionally there is paperwork from electrical testing inside the power cover. However a kiosk might have been moved during its service.

If you have casting marks or details like this I will be happy to interpret. Images are welcome.

Behind the backboard there may be a casting mark

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1 Kommentar

03. Okt. 2019

Hi Tony & All

Re-markings on inside back panel (Year Of Manufacture). I believe (As you have indicated) these were on the first K6's from 1935- 1941. They no longer did this from 1942 when they manufactured the new back panel with the new conduit hole configuration.


Steve Spill

Gefällt mir
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